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The Role of the National Parliaments in the European Union Today in the Light of Multilevel Constitutionalism

Kinga Anetta Trufan [1]


The Treaty of Lisbon has granted significant prerogatives to the European Parliament, as part of an effort to make the European Union more democratic, efficient and transparent, and to place the citizens in the centre of the European project. The extension of the co-decision procedure (henceforth known as “ordinary legislative procedure”) has enhanced the European Parliament’s status as a legislative power, giving it more influence in certain fields, including domains in which its role had previously been absent or limited – judicial cooperation in criminal matters, police cooperation, as well as in several aspects of trade and agricultural policy.

The treaty enshrines the well-established practice of the multi-annual financial framework, which requires Parliament’s approval, and creates a balance between the role of the Parliament and that of the Council, in the adoption of the EU budget. The international agreements in the fields subject to the ordinary legislative procedure also require the assent of the European Parliament.

The Treaty of Lisbon consolidates the role of the national Parliaments, which will be able to participate more actively in the working of the Union. They gain more influence over the policy evaluation mechanisms in the field of freedom, security and justice, and the procedures for treaty revision. Most significantly, they have acquired powers to monitor the observance of the principles of subsidiarity and proportionality in the fields that do not fall under the EU exclusive competence. National parliaments should continue to be an important source of legitimacy for the European institutions and policies.

Keywords: Lisbon Treaty, National parliaments, subsidiarity, IPEX, scrutiny

[1] Mrs. Kinga Anetta Trufan is a lawyer in Bucharest, Romania.

Contact: Tel +40 745 015.512; E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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