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The Contributions of the Orthodox Clergy belonging to the Suffragan Bishoprics of Moldavian Metropolitan Church to support the Struggle for National Independence

Laurenţiu Nicolae Stamatin[1]


The War of Independence in the years 1877-1878, waged against the Turks, has resulted in international recognition of the independence of Romania. The Romanian state was not prepared to wage this war. He appealed to the spirit of sacrifice of the Romanian people, all citizens being involved in the collection of offerings to support the military. The contribution of the masses across the country and from other Romanian provinces under foreign ownership, has resulted in: collection of offerings for the soldiers, raising funds for the purchase of advanced weapons, support the operation of hospitals, caring for wounded, transport of supplies and equipment for front, housing Russian and Turkish prisoners, organization of cultural activities by charitable societies or individuals to raise funds to support the military effort, etc. Romanian Orthodox Church, bishops, priests and faithful, could not stand aside in those watershed moments for the Romanian nation, but was actively involved in supporting the Romanian army sorely tried. Clergy and faithful of the Dioceses of Roman, Huşi and Lower Danube had an important contribution to collective efforts to support the front. In this article we present in detail the acts and deeds that church ministers in this part of the country have taken for the purpose aforesaid.

Keywords: war of Independence, orthodox clergy, contributions, prayers.

[1] Mr. Stamatin Laurenţiu-Nicolae is presently a doctoral student in the Department of History and International Relations at „Ştefan cel Mare” University of Suceava. He also is a student at the Faculty of Law at”Mihail Kogălniceanu” University, Iaşi, Romania.

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