Sondaje 6

Din ceea ce stiu pana in prezent despre UMK, daca un prieten ar dori sa studieze la o Universitate privata si mi-ar cere parerea in privinta UMK

Autor: Ioana Carmen ICHIM, Razvan Petre LUCA

Editura:  Cugetarea

Cod ISSN: 1221-4876, pp. 181-194


Children are the future of our world. This sentence means something more than any other in our time, when we are the silent witnesses of criminality, of different kind of criminal acts, but, the real scary thing is the increasing rate of delinquency, more of those having as victim or as criminal, a child.

This study is trying to show the dangerthat threatens the entire society, if the children would be lost in the benefit of criminality. But also, this study is discussing other danger factors, like imposing the universal laws in other societies in which they will never be accepted. In some cases, the universal laws are used as pretexts for involving in the internal buciness of some of the states.

More than anythhing, we should be aware of the importance of the universal and European laws, if only for knowing where we are situated in the universal or European legislation concerning the children and human rights.