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Din ceea ce stiu pana in prezent despre UMK, daca un prieten ar dori sa studieze la o Universitate privata si mi-ar cere parerea in privinta UMK

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The co-operative ideea penetrated into the Romanian provinces by way of the Saxon colonists in Transylvania. Being in close cultural contact with Germany, they were from the beginning informed of the co-operative attempts connected with the names of Schulzeand of Raiffeisen, and followed them with similar experiments in Transylvania. Here, Visarion Roman created, in 1868, the first „society for deposits and loans”. Withoust being itselr a strictly co-operative undertaking,. this was the precursor of the many so-called popular banks which later spread over Transylvania and Romania.

With information obtained from Transylvania, and guided by the statutes of the „Aurora”, from Năsăud, the first popular bank in Romania, the „Dumitra”, was founded in October 1891. In fact, truly co-operative action was hardly meant; it was merely a measure of self-defence against usury. That was indeed about the only kind of action which the peasants and their friends, the village teachers, could then undertake with their own means.

In Bucovina co-operatioin was governed by the law of 1873, which allowed the movement complete freedom of action. Here, there were four co-operative groups belonging to Romanians, Germans, Ruthenians and Polish groups. All the popular banks obtained loans from the Country`s Bank, located in Cernăuţi, which supplied credits with a small rate of interest, but, in the same time, controlled the activities of the affiliated societies. 

At the time of Bessarabia’s union with Romania the co-operative societies of that province were governed by the Russian Co-operative Code of March 20, 1917 which had removed the restrictions and the State control imposed by the laws of 1871, 1895 and 1904. During and after the First World War, in Bessarabia trading operations of the popular banks exceeded credit operations.


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