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Din ceea ce stiu pana in prezent despre UMK, daca un prieten ar dori sa studieze la o Universitate privata si mi-ar cere parerea in privinta UMK

Autor: Aurora CIUCA

Editura:  Cugetarea

Cod ISSN: 1221-4876, pp. 160-163


The citizenship of the European Union, as established by the Treaty of the European Union, is the main topic of this study.

In the European frame work, citizenship is usually connected with nationality, the right of free movement of persons and the right of immigration, right of residence in a different member-state.

But trying to delineate the contours of European citizenship as defined in the Maastricht document, we can see that the inclusion of a certain group of persons implies the exclusion of others.

The demarcation line between citizens and non-citizens is formed by the criterion of nationality. We have tried to investigate in which ways non-citizens are excluded from those rights attached to citizenship of the Union.